Complex Polyfragmentation:
A Coping Mechanism for the Survivor

This is a prayer written from the article:
1 Creator God, would You help the protector parts to realize that I am not being hurt like I was when I was little. Would You help them to see that You are my ultimate protector. Help them to choose to come over to Your side and work for You now. Would You help them to see that they don't need to try to keep me from the truth to protect me any more.

2 Would You help the parts that have the job of reporting back to the enemy, realize that we are safe now, that it is ok to be completely separate from the enemy. Would You show them Your protection the way you showed Elisha's servant. (2 Kings 6:17) When they are ready, would You lead them to Your side.

3 Would You help the ones who have helped with denial for so long, understand that it is ok for me to know and believe the truth now. That I am grown up now and even though it will be hard, I will be ok. That my devastation will be temporary. Would You give them the job of bringing the truth to the light so You can heal it instead of covering it over. Would You help them to know that it is time.

4 Would You help the ones that control who comes up, see that You are our only hope. Would You help them to come under Your leadership and work for You. Would You help them to see how kind You are and help them to be kind to the others inside.

5 Would You help the little ones inside to know that they are safe now. That the bad things are not happening now. That the things they remember are memories and that You can help them heal from those bad things that happened. Would You help them to find their way to You. Would You show them how things are suppose to be for children and as they are ready help them to mature. Would You give me the courage to face the things they have to tell me.

6 Would You show the ones who have the job of punishing and criticizing and discouraging, that they don't have to do those things anymore. Would You help them to see how You feel about the core person and the parts. Would You gently disarm them and help them to trade in their bullying to become peacemakers like You are.

7 Would You be in charge of all of the emotions and of how and when they come up. Would You show the parts that they will not die or explode or hurt someone else if they let the emotions come. Would you teach us how to have emotions the right way. Help us to learn what safe anger is like and teach us to have that kind of anger instead of the ways it was demonstrated to us. Please free us to have joy and peace because You are always with us.

8 King of Kings and Lord of Lords, would You break down any internal structure that the enemy set up. Would You line things back up the way they are suppose to be. I choose You to be the one in charge.

9 Creator God, would You help the ones inside who had to like the sex and the abuse so that I could survive. Would You free them from any sexual addictions and soul ties. Would You help them understand that they don't have to like those things anymore. Help them get clean and choose purity. Help them to be able to go back to being little children, Your little white lambs.

10 Would You help the ones who learned not to remember, help them to know that it is safe now to remember. That they don't have to close their eyes and plug their ears anymore. That they will not be punished if we remember.

11 Lord, the ones inside that have done the work of living my life for me, they are tired. Would You invite them into Your pasture so they can rest.Would You show them how big a part in my survival they have played but also help them to understand that I am getting stronger now and can learn to take on those responsibilities. That it is safe to give them over to me now.  Would You help them teach me how to do all these things that I need to know.

13, 15 Would You prevent any additional splitting, or rearranging of my system by the enemy or the ones inside. Would You prevent the activation of any programing that is designed to harm me or anyone else and any that would keep me in bondage. When the time is right would You undo all of the damage that was done to my mind, my will, my emotions, and my body. I claim Your promise to restore the years that the locust has eaten. Would You keep all of the enemy, including the abusers from trying to get me back or retaliating in any way. Would You cause any that would want to do me harm to lose interest in me.

14 When the time is right and everyone inside is in agreement, would You put my mind back together the way You created it in the first place.

16 Would You settle our heart about the question of why You didn't stop the abuse. Help us to stop wrestling with You and draw close. Would You help us to see the truth about who You really are and who I really am. Help me and all the parts to stay close to You all the time.